12 Stylish Disney Wedding Rings

Stylish Disney Wedding Rings

Stories of Disney Princesses’ always end up in happy ending but did you ever imagine how Disney wedding rings would look like? If you’re a groom looking for a wedding present for your bride then why don’t you try checking out this rings inspired from the Disney’s famous princess…


A story about a young woman left in neglect by his father, Charles Perrault introduces Cinderella as a clever and skilled woman. She never stopped showing her kindness despite of all the suffering she experienced from the hands of her step-mother and step-sisters. All of these hardships she has to endure paid off well in the end after she met her fairy God-Mother and his Prince. Can you even imagine how elegant her Royal wedding day would look like? Well, this ring would describe it for you. The Aquamarine stone surrounding the Blue Topaz making it the center of attention resembles a Royal Ball at the Prince’s Palace.


Are you a couple with a life changing story like princess Tiana and Prince Naveen? This lotus-inspired ring would fit you well. It is made of sterling silver embellished with round emerald stones and Green Tourmaline on its center. This would be perfect if you are looking for green motifs on your wedding. The Lotus flower appeared in Disney’s The Princess and the frog several times, not only because it’s just a usual flower that floats in a pond, but also because it symbolizes the ability of a lotus flower to purify murky waters, just like how Tiana purifies the arrogant heart of Prince Naveen.

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