Disney Characters are so timeless. Aside from their admirable character and unforgettable roles in the movies, we also got hooked up with their looks. In fact some of these characters have set some trends in fashion. So if you love Disney movies, check out these hairstyles inspired by one of your favorite Disney characters!


Snow White was one of the first Disney Princess to appear on screen. Released by Walt Disney during the 1930′s, her look was largely based on how women do their hair and make-up. During this time women would keep their look feminine, where eyebrows are plucked severely, while make-up is preferred to look natural and using dark red shade lipsticks were really popular. Compared to other Disney characters who have longer hair, Snow White’s short and wavy hair is very iconic to her. Here is Selena Gomez wearing Snow White’s Curly Bob Hairstyle, can you consider her to play the role of Snow White if there would be a remake?